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Geoff & Teresa Dyck - Boundary Creek Farm

This small family farm is located just 35 minutes north of Winnipeg. Geoff and Theresa Dyck have a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture. The farm grows vegetables and a variety of food products for people interested in fresh, local, healthy food!

The majority of crops are distributed through a program called Community Shared Agriculture. Customers register in spring and become “share members” in the farm. The farm then grows, harvests, sorts and delivers the vegetables to various pick up locations throughout Winnipeg and the Interlake. Share members enjoy the convenience of simply visiting their pick up location for their weekly supply of freshly harvested vegetables. Deliveries start in late June, and follow weekly until the end of October.

Geoff and Theresa believe in sustainable agricultural. This is based on the belief that we are what we eat. If the food we eat literally becomes the muscles, bones and tissue that make up our bodies, it follows that what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. This idea has an impact on everything that is done on the farm, from how we treat the soil, water and air, to how we recycle nutrients on the farm. It is the one principle that permeates all farm activities.

Boundary Creek Farm also recognizes that food is central to people’s lives. It is more than just fuel. It smells and tastes wonderful! It creates memories and rituals that are part of the fabric of our families and communities. This has a significant impact on how we grow, deliver and prepare our food and how we run our business.

As the business grows, Geoff and Theresa find great satisfaction knowing that hundreds of families throughout Manitoba are having wonderful, “local food experiences” as a result of their labor and efforts.




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