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Ken's Keiretsu

The term Keiretsu is one people may have heard but don’t quite understand. Miyashita and Russell (Inside the Hidden Japanese Conglomerates) call them industrial families. Think of a business organization made up of hundreds of business organizations. Each business is linked together with their unique ability contributing to the success of the keiretsu organization.

  • A good example would be the Mitsubishi keiretsu. Most North Americans would think of cars when they hear Mitsubishi. In fact, their original business was one of Japan’s most powerful banks. In an attempt to recover from World War II, Mitsubishi Bank lent money to many businesses as a means to defend itself from American capitalism. They also sat on the board of Directors of the businesses they lent money to, thus giving them controlling interest in these organizations. Back to the Mitsubishi car. Imagine the thousand components that are needed to build a car. Imagine if you “owned” all of these businesses and how this type of organization buffeted you from external market forces which you could not control.
  • One term you will be familiar with is “It takes a village to raise a child”. The keiretsu concept in relation to Be Positive is similar. While I have the opportunity to work with and learn from business owners, often times their area of opportunity spills off to areas far beyond my expertise. Rather than send you off to source your missing pieces, I will try to make your one stop shopping experience simpler by recommending other trusted business owners.
  • To the right you will find a list of the organizations with unique abilities who I am proud to be affiliated with. The Keiretsu is always looking for new businesses to work with so keeping checking here to see who has been added.
  • If you feel your business has a place in the Keiretsu, let’s talk.



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Vicadea Concepts

Boundary Creek Farm

BigOak Baskets and Gifts


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