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The Be Positive Process

  • Looking for a business coach is an emotional and logical challenge. For some, admitting you need a coach may be deemed as a sign of weakness (emotional). If you really want your business to improve, you know you need to do something differently but probably don’t know where to start (logical). A good business coach can help you with both.

  • The International Coaching Foundation (Coach U) has a list of questions any business owner should ask before they start working with a business coach.
    • Why does coaching work?
    • What is worked on?
    • How does a coach do this?
    • What should I look for in a coach?
    • How much does it cost?
    • How do I get started?
    • Where do I get started with a coach?

  • The Be Positive methodology is fairly straight forward.
    1. Complete the Intake Questionnaire. This will help you crystallize in your mind the type of help you feel you need now and the impact to your business growth and long term sustainability.
    2. If you feel that we can work together, complete The Y Letter. This letter confirms the nature of the process (when, where and how), the cost of the engagement and most importantly, what you want to get out of the coaching experience (Y are we doing this).
    3. The process begins. The process is that straight forward.

  • The Intake Questionnaire process is free. Contact me for your complimentary 48 minute discussion.


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