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Core Values

There were many I could have picked from. From a business sense, here are 3 that I felt were appropriate as they have been guides in my development.

It all starts with Family

  • Coming from a strong nuclear and extended family, I am who I am because of my nurturing experiences.
  • Many people confuse what they do with who they are. Your work should not define who you. Do you work because it provides a means to support you and your family?
  • Many people have a “bucket list”. What is on your bucket list and what items include the pursuits of your family / friends.   

Be a Life long learner.

  • Having a Bachelor of Education degree, I have spent most of my adult life trying to improve my skills professionally and personally by learning from others, reading from experts and simply by watching those around me.
  • While my kids were going to school, I had the pleasure and opportunity to work on Parent Advisory Councils. This experience taught me that students aren’t the only ones who learn in schools. Parents and members of the community can learn by getting involved with school activities and can learn from their peers.
  • If you aren’t learning about your craft or profession, well, you aren’t learning about your craft or profession. The key to life long learning is watching for learning opportunities and being able to integrate them into your way of life.    

Work with the people who want to work with you.

  • Many people claim they are looking for your help / expertise. Some of these people are merely looking for you to show them the way or to do the work for them.
  • If you believe you learn from those who you work with, do you also believe that you work with the people who want to work with you?
  • If you are working with others to improve your skills, does it matter who gets the credit for the teaching and the learning?


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