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Who is Ken Teramura?

For the past 30 years, I have worked in one of the country’s largest financial services company. My primary responsibility was to work with the most successful financial planners focusing on fine tuning their business processes, examining their staff retention practices and planning and implementing their succession plan.

Key learnings:

  • Business owners are not as dysfunctional as they think they are
  • Fine tuning their behavior happens one step at a time
  • No change happens unless one’s mindset changes
  • Each business owner has at least one blind spot that impacts their success
  • Those who believe the glass is half full are the most successful
  • What you do as a profession does not define who you are
  • Life long learners are life long learners and are wired to keep improving what they do

I am a firm believer that if you are part of a community, be an active member of that community. Community service was a value demonstrated to me by my parents. It shaped my focus in working on parent advisory councils while my kids where in school, working on various committees such as United Way and Outreach while at work and with the Japanese cultural association and the Folklorama community outside of work.

People have asked me how did you pick your company name. My blood type is B Positive. Thus, I am pre-disposed to view the world thinking the glass is half full (looking for a bigger glass). So enjoy your life, commit yourself to your family and friends and Be Positive!   


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