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Small business ownership has been the fastest growing sector in the North American economy over the past 5 years. According to Statistics Canada, about 50% of Canada’s private workforce is employed by small businesses. Everywhere you look, entrepreneurs are pursuing their business dreams. Their level of success is tied directly to their passion of what they do. This laser focus separates them from their peer group. They are who they are. While this laser focus fuels their relentless pursuit for success, it may also be considered their Achilles Heel. According to Michael Gerber, few s.b.o.s take a step back to “work on the business”.

If you feel that you may need help to the following 3 questions, perhaps Be Positive can help you.

  1. 80% of your revenue is driven by 20% of your repeat clients. What are you doing to ensure that this group can sustain your long term growth?
  2. Your staff can be your most important support group for your long term success. While they may not share the same passion to your business, are you doing everything you can to ensure they will be with you to the end, whenever that may be?
  3. In the next 10 years, 60% of businesses will change hands in some form. Do you have a formal exit strategy for your business?

If any of these three areas are a concern for your business, see the Intake Questionnaire on the Process tab or contact me for your complimentary 48 minute assessment.


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